Korean Language and Literature aims to develop students confidence and pride in studying and appreciating the Korean language and literature. Korean linguistics analyses and describes the system and structure of the language with advanced theories. Literature studies provide a basis for critical interpretations and creative appreciation for superb Korean literary works.
Korean Language and Literature is divided into three major fields: Korean Linguistics, Classical Literature, and Modern Literature. Korean linguistics studies the structure and features of the Korean language in order to provide a foundation for advanced language use in life, understanding both the universal and individual characteristic features of Korean. Classical Literature thoroughly studies literary works from the ancient time to Joseon period in order to explore the spiritual world of ancestors and learn their lessons and wisdom. Modern Literature purports to lead the quality of life of contemporary Koreans through studying the superior literary works of writers of modern times.
Course Number Course Title Course Title in English Credit/Hour
CLTR001 국어와 매체언어 Korean and Mass Media Language 3-3-0
CLTR011 중국어1 Freshman Chinese1 3-3-0
CLTR041 한국사 Korean History 3-3-0
CLTR048 철학사상사 History of Philosophical Thoughts 3-3-0
CLTR049 초급교양영어 Freshman English1 2-2-0
CLTR057 중급교양영어 Freshman English2 2-2-0
CLTR108 생명의신비 Mystery of Life 3-3-0
CLTR202 인문학 글쓰기 Writing in Humanities 3-3-0
CLTR243 수리적 사고 Mathematical Thinking 3-3-0
CLTR501 한국의 언어와 문학 Practical use of the Korean language & literature 3-3-0
KORL201 한국어학일반론 Outline of Korean Linguistics 3-3-0
KORL253 한국고전문학강독 Readings in Korean Classic Literature Text 3-3-0
KORL303 한글문헌의이해 A study of Old Literature of Korean 3-3-0
KORL309 실용한국어표현론 Practical Korean Expression 3-3-0
KORL338 한국어문법론 Korean Grammar 3-3-0
KORL344 한국어의역사 History of Korean Language 3-3-0
KORL352 창작의이론과실제 Theory of Literary Composition 3-3-0
KORL355 한국고전문학사 History of Old Korean Literature 3-3-0
KORL360 한국고전문학개론 Outline of Korean Classic Literature 3-3-0
KORL367 한국고전시가론 Study of Korean Classic Poetry 3-3-0
KORL397 현대소설론 Theory of Modern Novels 3-3-0
KORL412 한국어음운론 Korean Phonology 3-3-0
KORL443 한국어의미론 Korean Semantics 3-3-0
KORL446 방언학 Korean Dialectology 3-3-0
KORL448 훈민정음과중세한국어 Hunminjeongeum and Middle Korean 3-3-0
KORL449 비교문학 Comparative Literature 3-3-0
KORL450 한국구비문학 Korean Oral Literature 3-3-0
KORL451 현대문학사 History of Modern Korean Literature 3-3-0
KORL469 한국고전시가사 History of Korean Classic Poetry 3-3-0
KORL474 한국고전소설사 History of Korean Classic Novels 3-3-0
KORL485 현대시론 Theory of Modern Poetry 3-3-0
KORL505 국어정보처리론 Information Processing of Korean Language and Literature 3-3-0
KORL522 한국어형태론 Korean Morphology 3-3-0
KORL549 한국어교육론 Theory of Korean Language Education 3-3-0
KORL555 한국문학사상론 Korean Literary Thoughts 3-3-0
KORL556 현대비평론 Theory of Modern Criticism 3-3-0
KORL580 한국고전소설론 Study of Korean Classic Novel 3-3-0
KORL596 영상문학론 Visual Literature 3-3-0
KORL598 한국현대희곡 Modern Korean Drama 3-3-0
TCHR465 국어 논리 및 논술지도 Teaching Logic & Writing : Korean 3-3-0
TCHR510 생활지도및상담 Student Guidance and Counseling 2-2-0
TCHR522 학교현장실습 Internship in School 2-0-4 Weeks
TCHR528 특수교육학개론 Introduction to the Pedagogy for the Handicapped and the Talented 2-2-0
TCHR529 교직실무 Teaching Profession in Practice 2-2-0
TCHR552 교육봉사활동 2 Volunteer Activity in Education 2 2-0-60h
TCHR601 교육과정 Curriculum 2-2-0
TCHR604 교육방법및교육공학 Teaching Methods and Educational Technology 2-2-0
TCHR606 교육사회 Educational Sociology 2-2-0
TCHR607 교육심리 Educational Psychology 2-2-0
TCHR609 교육철학및교육사 Philosophy and History of Education 2-2-0
TCHR610 교육평가 Measurement and Evaluation in Education 2-2-0
TCHR611 교육학개론 Pedagogy 2-2-0
TCHR612 교육행정및교육경영 Educational Administration and Management 2-2-0
TCHR622 국어교육론 Educational Theories in Teaching Korean 3-3-0
TCHR662 국어교재연구및지도법 Teaching Materials & Methods : Korean 3-3-0

Major Courses
Spring semester Fall semester
Year Course Number Course Title Credit/Hour Course Number Course Title Credit/Hour
1 KORL201 한국어학일반론 3-3-0 KORL253 한국고전문학강독 3-3-0
2 KORL303 한글문헌의이해 3-3-0 KORL309 실용한국어표현론 3-3-0
KORL344 한국어의역사 3-3-0 KORL338 한국어문법론 3-3-0
KORL360 한국고전문학개론 3-3-0 KORL352 창작의이론과실제 3-3-0
KORL367 한국고전시가론 3-3-0 KORL355 한국고전문학사 3-3-0
KORL598 한국현대희곡 3-3-0 KORL397 현대소설론 3-3-0
3 KORL412 한국어음운론 3-3-0 KORL446 방언학 3-3-0
KORL443 한국어의미론 3-3-0 KORL448 훈민정음과중세한국어 3-3-0
KORL449 비교문학 3-3-0 KORL451 현대문학사 3-3-0
KORL450 한국구비문학 3-3-0 KORL469 한국고전시가사 3-3-0
KORL474 한국고전소설사 3-3-0
KORL485 현대시론 3-3-0
4 KORL522 한국어형태론 3-3-0 KORL505 국어정보처리론 3-3-0
KORL555 한국문학사상론 3-3-0 KORL549 한국어교육론 3-3-0
KORL556 현대비평론 3-3-0 KORL580 한국고전소설론 3-3-0
KORL596 영상문학론 3-3-0

Elective Courses
Spring semester Fall semester
Year Course Number Course Title Credit/Hour Course Number Course Title Credit/Hour
1 CLTR001 국어와 매체언어 3-3-0 CLTR011 중국어1 3-3-0
CLTR048 철학사상사 3-3-0 CLTR041 한국사 3-3-0
CLTR049 초급교양영어 2-2-0 CLTR057 중급교양영어 2-2-0
CLTR243 수리적 사고 3-3-0 CLTR108 생명의신비 3-3-0
CLTR501 한국의 언어와 문학 3-3-0 CLTR202 인문학 글쓰기 3-3-0

Teacher training courses
Spring semester Fall semester
Year Course Number Course Title Credit/Hour Course Number Course Title Credit/Hour
3 TCHR465 국어 논리 및 논술지도 3-3-0 TCHR622 국어교육론 3-3-0
TCHR662 국어교재연구및지도법 3-3-0
4 TCHR522 학교현장실습 2-0-4weeks
* TCHR510 생활지도및상담 2-2-0
TCHR528 특수교육학개론 2-2-0
TCHR529 교직실무 2-2-0
TCHR552 교육봉사활동 2 2-0-60h
TCHR601 교육과정 2-2-0
TCHR604 교육방법및교육공학 2-2-0
TCHR606 교육사회 2-2-0
TCHR607 교육심리 2-2-0
TCHR609 교육철학및교육사 2-2-0
TCHR610 교육평가 2-2-0
TCHR611 교육학개론 2-2-0
TCHR612 교육행정및교육경영 2-2-0