Studying Korean Language and Literature in Kyungpook National University provides graduates with diverse tools to work and dedicate in various professions. Graduates' career options include: - teaching in tertiary and secondary schools as professors, teachers, and lecturers, - working in various fields of journalism and mass-communication as newspaper reporters, broadcasting producers, and copywriters - working as business personnel and more.

The biggest portion of graduates of Korean Language and Literature work as teachers in high schools or middle schools. Since 2008, the department provides teacher training courses for 10% (4) of the total students, selecting them with a strict standard. After passing the teacher certificate examination, graduates who have complete the required courses have the opportunity to work in either public or private schools.

Some graduates are involved in journalism. Among many influential journalists, graduates from the department are included.

Completing graduate courses provides opportunities to become professors at universities. Many graduates of doctoral courses in the department are dedicated to their specialized fields as professors and researchers in many leading universities.

The currently preferred career among graduates is working as a civil servant. Especially, the courses offered in the department help students serve as intellectual civil workers in local communities.

The department also has produced many talented writers. Poets, novelists, and literature critics are proudly writing their works. Recently, more graduates are looking for ways to become professional writers of scenarios, plays, and game stories as well as writers of the traditional genres of literature. The department makes all the efforts possible to foster men of talent and ability. Additionally, many graduates are taking a great part in the various fields of business, finance, banking, publishing, and more.