The Department of Korean Language and Literature offers comprehensive programs at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels. Our staff specializations and research include Korean Linguistics, Classical Korean Literature and Modern Korean Literature Studies in both undergraduate and graduate degree courses. In 2011, 33 students in the undergraduate course, 16 in the Master's course, and 7 in the Doctorate course were accepted. Our undergraduate course provides the teacher training course for 10% of the students, providing them with the opportunity to obtain a secondary teacher's certificate.

The Department of Korean Language and Literature has a stellar faculty including 4 professors (S.G. Lee, D.H. Paek, K.I. Nam, and D.H. Kim) with Linguistics majors, 3 professors (G.H. Kim, W.L. Jeong, and J.H. Lee) with Classical Literature majors, and 3 professors (J.S. Kim, J.H. Kim, and H.S. Park) with Modern Literature majors. The entire faculty has drawn attention for their enthusiastic research work and the outstanding results in their respective areas of expertise.

Both the professors and students are enthusiastically involved in publishing our leading academic journals, ¡ºEo-Mun-Lon-Chong¡» and¡ºMun-Cho¡».¡ºEo-Mun-Lon-Chong¡»has been one of the leading academic journals in the field of Korean literature and linguistic studies since the first volume was published in December, 1965. This journal was first nominated as a candidate for SCI of National Research Foundation of Korea in 2005, and officially recognized on the list for the high quality and excellence of academic works in 2007. ¡ºMun-Cho¡»is a students' academic journal in which undergraduates write and publish their own literary works and articles. The first volume was issued in 1982, and this students' journal has been encouraging and fostering unity and academic achievement among students. The latest volume 22 was published in 2011.